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Glossary of Technologies

Of course, we'll take care of the technology for you but here's an overview of the key technologies that make the web work.

The basis of all web pages is HTML. It describes the content of your web page. The latest version is called HTML5 and that's what we use at Groovymoose.
CSS describes how your page looks. Changing the CSS can give your site a whole new look and feel without changing the content. The latest version is CSS3 and that's what we use. (Actually we use Sass to generate CSS3, but that's probably more than you wanted to know.)
The browser is the application on your customers' computers that they use to view pages on the web. Popular browsers are Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. There are many old versions of browsers still in use, particularly Internet Explorer, and most old versions have quirks that sometimes prevent them working correctly with modern content and styling. We use state-of-the-art techniques to ensure that your site still looks good in older browsers, but some more advanced features will not appear on old versions.
PHP is a programming language that runs on the server that hosts your web site. It allows sites to be very flexible and customisable - giving a different appearance to logged-on users for example. It also allows the site to work with a database and to get information from other websites. PHP can be complex and can introduce security issues - so thankfully we at Groovymoose are experts. We use PHP version 5.3 and higher.
JavaScript is a programming language, just like PHP. However, instead of running on the server, it runs in the user's browser. It is a very powerful way of adding rich functionality and behaviour to a site - particularly sophisticated user-interfaces. At Groovymoose, we are experts in JavaScript and use one of the most popular libraries, jQuery, to ensure highest quality and best behaviour on older browsers.
Content Management Systems
Large websites can become very complex to manage. It is important to be able to add content easily without changing the appearance or behaviour of the site. For example adding a new product to an on-line shop would be a simple task that the client can do without the involvement of the web developer. Content Management Systems excel at this. They make it straightforward to add new content, allow customers to log-on and interact with the site. At Groovymoose we use Drupal for larger sites and offer Wordpress for simpler sites. Drupal is a widely adopted solution with a very low entry cost and a wide range of features including e-commerce, shopping carts, image management and secure payments.
AJAX is a technique that extends JavaScript to allow insertion of content from other websites. Particularly used to insert feeds from other sites like Twitter into your pages. AJAX is supported in the jQuery library used at Groovymoose and we have a lot of experience using it to interface with Twitter, Spotify, Google Documents and other web services.
Domain Name
The Domain Name is the name people use to access your site. For example, our domain name is We recommend that you register your domain in your name (not ours), but we can do this is you wish. We can guide you through the process of registration.
Your website needs to run on a computer connected to the internet so that your customers can access it. You could use your own computer but, for a whole host of very good reasons, almost everyone outsources it to a hosting provider. They take care of ensuring that the computer is available 24/7, has all the right software and that it is located in a secure environment. At Groovymoose we can work with your existing provider or can arrange hosting for you at a world-class hosting company. We also provide an unlimited number of e-mail addresses as part of the package. To allow us to be truly expert, we specialise in what are known as LAMP environments. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP and represents the most popular and successful combination of web hosting technologies.
Databases are used to store and retrieve large amounts of data quickly and securely. Your website can store data in and retrieve data from a database. At Groovymoose we use MySQL (version 5 and above) - one of the most widely used database systems.