Groovymoose Web Development
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Phased Approach

We use the following phases to guide our work with you. For smaller projects, not all the phases will be separate but they give a good overview of how we work.

Objectives & Planning

First of all, we agree the basics - what you'd like to achieve with the project and what you would like us to do.

Quotation & Specification

After our initial meeting, we document our understanding of the requirements and functionality. We produce a detailed quotation for the work as well as an estimate of schedule. The quotation is without obligation, so you may decline at this stage without any charge from us.

Visual Design & Branding

If you have brand guidelines, we will use these to create a non-functional mock-up of your site. This will allow you to ensure that you like how it looks. If you have asked us to design the site, we will let you have our suggestions at this stage. For the majority of cases, our clients are very happy with our initial designs, however you may of course ask for modifications to be made.

First working Draft

Once the design has been agreed, we will construct a sample template page (or a few pages, depending on project scale) from which the rest of the site will be based. This will be a functional web-page that will allow you to view the design in your own browser.

Full System Development

After your acceptance of the working draft, we then build the full site. Our development methodology includes frequent working updates of the site and we ask you to check these from time to time to ensure that you are happy. At this stage we may need to work with you to resolve any ambiguities on your requirements.

Site Launch & Training

Once completed and tested, we host the site on our servers (or with your chosen hosting partner) and place the site under your domain. If required, we can provide training to you or your staff in the use of the content management facility.

Maintenance & Updates

You will probably want to keep the content on your site fresh - adding promotions, updating testimonials, changing prices, or even changing elements of your branding. We can do this for you or train you to add and change content. We can also monitor the usage of your site and send you regular reports.